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VET Colleges or Educational organisations perspectives

Why do students and teacher groups complete an internship, work placement or programme abroad on Erasmus+ VET?


  • Develop personally, professionally and academically
  • Gain transferable skills and boost employability
  • Improve and gain language skills
  • Cultural awareness and open-mindedness
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Increase motivation to learn
  • Broaden your horizens


  • Gain transferrable skills
  • Share best practices
  • Learn new methodologies
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Enhance quality, variety and effectiveness of the activities the students are involved in
  • Language development
  • Increase cultural awareness to better prepare students
  • improved the quality of education delivered to pupils, and increased open-mindedness towards other cultures and pedagogies


Ultimately. in my experience with 12 years of Erasmus+ experience students/teachers personally indulge in:

  • cultural learning and education
  • experiential learning
  • exploration/visit of cities, sites and scenery
  • outdoor activity and exercise
  • discovering political History/heritage
  • Cultural exploration through food and drink
  • Traditional folklore, myths and legends
  • Personal development and wellbeing

Hence, I have developed tour packages that focus on these topics with sustainable and responsible tourism as its’ ethos. We should travel to see these wonderful places and cultures although be aware of our footprint and put provisions in place to combat the negative impact.

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