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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We offer facilitated programmes in Malaga and Barcelona developing entrepreneurial mindsets and innovative thinking. We work alongside new International startups in modern digital and technology incubation/Innovation hubs. We focus on the implementation of environmmental issues and our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We encourage Entrepreneurs to be innovative in creating a long term competitive advantage and to support the improvement of society through their services and products.

We focus on the Department of the Economy’s vision (10x Economy) for a decade of innovation and meet the 4 x priorities of the Erasmus+ call 2021 – 2027 

This programme is now available throughout Ireland for our our European partners as part of our Erasmus+ programmes.

We offer:

    • Student (10-14 day Programme) Developing Entrepreneurial/Innovative mindsets alongside environmental awareness 
    • Teacher (5-8 day Programme) Understanding and Implementing Entrepreneurial Thinking/Innovation into the Classroom

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