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Erasmus + Consultancy

With a wealth of experience in Erasmus+ programmes, we strive to meet the demands and goals of the new initiatives for Erasmus+ 2021 – 2027 in the field of training, youth and sport, which are key areas that support citizens in their personal and professional development.

  • Inclusive Erasmus+: bringing enhanced opportunities to people with fewer opportunities, including people with diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds, and people living in rural and remote areas.

  • Digital Erasmus+: providing high-quality digital training and exchanges to reinforce digital skills.

  • Green Erasmus+: promoting sustainable means of transport in line with the European Green Deal and raising awareness of environmental issues. 

  • Develop programmes that are industry lead to meet the demands of the rapid change of work environment

  • Creating cohort/coworking environments lead by experts, coaches and peers

  • Align with businesses to meet ever enhancing digital technologies

  • Stream your career path with a with a entrepreneurial and leadership framework through training and project work

  • Focus on Sustainable development Goals to meet the demands of Climate change

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