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Turing Scheme

We have successfully written a turing project to send young people to Barcelona preparing them for the future world of work and start building their professional portfolios.
The aim of the project is to send learners to Barcelona for project work for 2 weeks to develop entrepreneurial & Innovative mindsets in an International Business setting.

The programme is designed to:

  • Prepare learners for the future world of work
  • To develop life skills and think independently
  • To make young people aware of the UN Global goals
  • To give them a sense of responsibility towards environmental issues
  • To develop entrepreneurial and Innovation competences and skills
  • To introduce them to International business concepts in Barcelona
  • To create cultural awareness  
  • To develop language skills
  • Learners will work in co working spaces (Incubation/Innovation hub) as a group with our trusted partner 
  • to work alongside real companies on real projects to move with the ever enhancing digital and technological developments

Learners will be certified at the end of their period abroad

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