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The 4 Day El Camino De Irlanda (The irish Camino)

Travel through the heart of Ireland and discover and lodge in castles once occupied by monks, kings, soldiers and generals. Hike holy mountains known for their Patrician Pilgrimages to Ireland’s Patron Saint Patrick or Saint James. Try Ireland’s traditional distilled beverage “Poitin”. If this is too potent for you simply sip a Guinness while sampling fresh fish sourced from local fishing villages or experience award-winning food tours in Dublin’s capital.

This hiking tour gives you the opportunity to build your “Pilgrim Passport” All you need to do as take a selfie at particular locations along each way to produce evidence that you walked the route. Wild Atlantic Learning will supply each passport.

What’s Included in the tour

What is included

  • Coach/bus journey
  • Accommodation and breakfast
  • includes hiking guide and packed lunch
  • includes food tour of Dublin
Day 1 – Dublin – Mayo – Croagh Patrick – Westport

Departure from Dublin Hotel on a coach trip to Croagh Patrick stopping along the way at the 13th-century castle in Athlone on the River Shannon. Stretch your legs as you walk around the castle as Monks, kings, soldiers and generals did through history and grab lunch for the hike ahead

Upon arrival at the holy mountain – Croagh Patrick we prepare for the 3 – 4 hour hike ahead and your first stamp in your pilgrim passport at the summit

Fact: Its religious significance dates back to the time of the pagans when people are thought to have gathered here to celebrate the beginning of harvest season. Croagh Patrick is renowned for its Patrician Pilgrimage in honour of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint

Check in to your hotel in Westport before meeting at the hotel reception at an agreed time for the Westport pub tour sampling craft beers and whiskey. You may even taste our local poitin known as “Mayo Moonshine”

Day 2 – Donegal – Slieve League – Leitrim

Departure from Westport hotel to Slieve League and hike the Pilgrim path. A short 90-minute trek along these magnificent sea cliffs. We will finish with a pint of creamy Guinness and fish sourced from the local fishing village in Killybegs at the “Rusty Mackerel” pub

Coach trip to Leitrim and check into your accommodation in an old traditional Irish castle.

Slieve League Fact: Aside from the Mass Rock, there are also remains of an early Christian monastic site (including the remnants of early beehive huts) – even traces of an older civilisation. More recently, there is an old signal tower dating back to the Napoleonic wars when the British (who occupied Ireland at the time) were worried about a potential French invasion (which never occurred).

Day 3 – Wicklow – Glendalough – Dublin

Departure from your castle to Hollywood in Glendalough, County Wicklow for the first part of your 2-day hike along St James Way. After your hike on day 1, you will check into your hotel accommodation in Dublin where you will stay for 2 nights.

Both hikes will consist of 4 hour daily hikes.

After day 3 you will return to Dublin for Delicious Dublin tours with multi-award-winning food writer Ketty Quigley and a surprisingly diverse culinary circuit

Day 4 – Wicklow – Glendalough – Dublin

After your final hike we will have a farewell dinner where you will be presented with your Pilgrim Passport plus your 2 stamps

email info@wildatlanticlearning to inquire about completing your passport with the 3 remaining pilgrimages and receiving your Pilgrim Certificate

Fact: The twin lakes of Glendalough caught between the soaring Wicklow Mountains are internationally renowned for their stunning scenery. It was here, after 7 years of solitary contemplation, that St Kevin established a monastic settlement, the ruins of which are the final destination for this dramatic pilgrimage route.


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