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Welcome to
Wild Atlantic Travel Co.

Historical, Cultural, Educational, Explorative, Mythical, Well-being and experiential travel outdoor Adventure tours of Ireland and Britain

Our tours divulge in education, cultural learning, exploration, experiential learning, exercise, outdoors, personal development and well-being with sustainable and responsible tourism at its’ core. Discover our delicious delicacies, history, folklore, myths, legends and the welcoming warmth the people have to offer.

Bespoke Personalised Planning

Plan your tour to your preferences and pace. This is your journey, let us know what you want from this experience. We can cater for small group tours or large corporates

Our Tour Packages

Our tours focus on well-being, personal growth, cultural immersion, history, food or local produce, photography, exercise and outright adventure

Responsible Sustainable Tourism

We look at social and environmental issues to make a positive change to respect cultures and traditions, it’s your duty to be a conscious traveler and ours to deliver

Personal Development & Well-Being Tours

Enjoy a retreat at the Cliffs of Moher to practice mindfulness and feel a sense of belonging. Fish and meditate where the old Irish monks once did between Galway and Mayo. Climb and experience an old Irish pilgrimage where St Patrick banished snakes from Ireland.


Active For
The Adventurer Tours

Get set to hike, bike, paddleboard, horse ride, kayak and surf with some of the most stunning coastal and mountainous backgrounds. From cliff jumping in Portrush; to hiking the godly rock formation of the Giant's Causeway or seeing Ireland’s capital city Dublin by kayak.

Folklore, Myths & Legends Tours

Experience the most awe-inspiring scenery and sites of mythology and movies such as Star Wars and the Game of Thrones. Explore the geological wonders of the Giants Causeway where the legendary battle of two giants including Ireland’s own Finn Mc Cool.

History of
The Isles Tours

Explore the intriguing history of conflict and triumph with delicious local delicacies, culture and heritage to admire. From the harrowing history of Kilmainham Gaol Dublin to the bloody conflict of Northern Ireland from 1969 (known as the 'Troubles') until recently.

The Great British & Irish Adventures Tours

This is the ultimate Isles adventure; discover the sites, sea and shopping of the UK and Ireland. From Castles and countrysides to city parks and local produce. Discover the traditions of rural life, or step inside the magical world and fantasy of Harry Potter.


Erasmus +

We have been successful in an Erasmus + KA 2 bid alongside partners from Italy, Holland and Slovenia to promote: SUP as a sport for kids under 16; Physical activity for kids and teenagers for positive effects on Physical and mental health; Offer SUP clinics in schools and colleges and ultimately devise a handbook of best practice; Awareness on environmental pollution and clean-up of waterways.


VR Folklore Myths & Legends

We have developed virtual reality content which tells the tale of folklore myths and legends associated with the Isle of Ireland.
We have collaborated with the North West Regional College and the business support centre through #InnovateUs programme funded by the Department of Economy. To read more visit the NWRC website by clicking here nwrc

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