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  1. 12 years experience working with European partners, participants, countries and local companies.
  2.   I have managed between 600 – 800 work placements per year in KA1 VET programmes for over 12 years
  3.   We are a member of a national board of ECVET (European Accreditation for Vocational Education and Training) Community of Practitioners.
  4.   The ability to mediate between European organisations, interns and companies. To meet the skills, competencies and learning outcomes required for project aims.
  5.   Understanding communication and preparation are key to a successful work placement/internship. Pre-preparatory interviews, discussions and setting clear objectives pave the way for a successful mobility.
  6.   Ability to encourage that personality and attitude are a driver and more important than language level to be a success in the workplace.
  7.   Experience to mediate with European organisations and Companies on agreed competencies, skills, tasks and learning outcomes to benefit European participants.
  8.   Encourage cultural exploration and social interaction are building blocks to participants personal and professional development.
  9.   Linking Internal mentoring in the company and external assessment by the hosting organisation are key to maintaining high-quality internships and the success of a mobility.
  10.   Focusing on the idea that interns can develop and improve language levels by communicating. Communication is paramount! Grammar and vocabulary mistakes are part of the journey and develop with practice.

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