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Derry Girls Food Tour

Derry Girls Food Tour

Meeting Point: Front doors of Visit Derry Tourist Information Centre, 1 Waterloo Place, Derry, Londonderry.

Start Time: 12:00 noon

The Derry Girls Food Tour Description

“We are right in the middle of the cream horn versus cream finger debate, and it’s a bit of craic locally. Doherty’s Bakery produces fresh cream horns. Thanks to Derry Girls, there’s a bit of history, culture, and heritage added to the cream horn now that it’s part of pop culture. On the ‘The Derry Girls Food Tour’, we want fans of the famous show to taste the food memories from Derry Girls and enjoy the craic of whipping up a cream horn ’.”

We have recreated a unique take on the food memories shared in the ‘Derry Girls’ show with the best food experiences in the North West. The Derry Girls Food tour is available from Taste the North West from July 16th.


From: £392.00

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