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  • £1,649.00

    Enjoy a retreat at the Cliffs of Moher to encourage mindfulness and a sense of belonging. Go Fishing and meditate where the old Irish monks did between Galway and Mayo. Climb and experience an old Irish pilgrimage where St Patrick banished snakes from Ireland and self-reflect with the therapeutic sessions around the horse. Visit the home of the last kings of Ireland, self-reflect and embrace the here and now while visiting some of the most historic sites in Ireland. Ireland’s Newgrange is older than Stone Henge and the pyramids, step back in time but live in the now on this Irish package tour.

  • £1,249.00

    Develop your mobile photography skills while visiting and shooting some of the most instagramable hot spots Ireland has to offer. From the Giant’s Causeway to the Slieve League cliffs, create your own reflective diary to create positive feelings the scenery, culture and culinary delights have to offer. Rustic lighthouses, national parks, sea cliffs and castles, develop your photography skills and reward your tastebuds. We will help you visually reflect your experience to promote positive and personal reflection of natural beauty and cultural immersion..

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