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  • £2,649.00

    This is the ultimate British and Irish adventure, discover the sites, sea and shopping of the UK and Ireland. Be enchanted by the wonderful world of Harry Potter or simply cruise along Windermere lake and experience the nature that most inspired England’s great poet Willian Wordsworth. From Castles and countrysides to deer spotting in city parks and or simply sampling local produce with whiskey tasting at the Jameson whiskey distillery, this tour has it all!

  • £1,849.00

    From the legend of St Patrick to “kissing the Blarney stone” Folklore is embedded in Irish culture. Experience the most beautiful scenery and sites of mythology and movies such as Star Wars and The Game of Thrones. Why not visit Ireland’s traditional islands that offer medieval forts, Celtic churches, dramatic cliffs and Irish speaking inhabitants or the charm of Ireland’s only Fjord. From the far south in Mizen Head to the furthest north in Malin Head. This Irish tour has everything from supernatural beings, folklore, food and fresh air.

  • £1,649.00

    Enjoy a retreat at the Cliffs of Moher to encourage mindfulness and a sense of belonging. Go Fishing and meditate where the old Irish monks did between Galway and Mayo. Climb and experience an old Irish pilgrimage where St Patrick banished snakes from Ireland and self-reflect with the therapeutic sessions around the horse. Visit the home of the last kings of Ireland, self-reflect and embrace the here and now while visiting some of the most historic sites in Ireland. Ireland’s Newgrange is older than Stone Henge and the pyramids, step back in time but live in the now on this Irish package tour.

  • £1,549.00

    Get a taste of rural Ireland life, the tastes and timely beauty alongside activities such as farming, fishing and golf on the Wild Atlantic Way and into Northern Ireland. Visit the Guinness storehouse and sample directly at the birthplace of the dark Irish dry stout. Build your courage and try Irish dancing and music or visit the Neolithic tombs spread out across the highest summits and ledges of the northern ends of the Bricklieve Mountains in County Sligo.

  • £1,549.00

    Discover the intriguing history of conflict and triumph with delicious local delicacies, culture and heritage to admire. From Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol that housed many Irish revolutionaries to crossing the border Belfast’s walking tour with both personal insights from republican and Loyalist ex-political prisoners. This historical journey experiences local tastes and tipples that set Ireland amongst the World’s best food producers to experience the ruggedness of Donegal’s Wild Atlantic coast.

  • £1,399.00

    Get set to hike, bike, paddle board, horse ride, kayak and surf with some of the most stunning coastal and mountainous lush back grounds. Restore your body and mind with yoga while sampling some local delights. If outdoors and activity in the most enchanting surroundings is your preference, this tour is for you! We cater for all levels, it’s your tour to dictate your preference and pace.

  • £1,399.00

    Indulge in the bloody history of the Tower of London and Jack the Ripper’s killing spree or investigate the legendary fictional detective at the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b Baker Street. This short tour packs in a lot, from cruising the River Thames to a pleasant drive through the picturesque Cotswolds for captivating countryside scenery or become inspired by visiting William Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

  • £1,299.00

    This paddleboarding/SUP adventure gives you the opportunity to explore the most untouched and beautiful beaches in Ireland. Get off the beaten track and try local seafood delicacies caught below your very paddle boards. Discover hauntingly exquisite national parks, lush gardens and captivating castles. Listen to Ireland’s traditional language and experience the rich culture. From beautiful white sandy beaches to famous ship wrecks, this tour packs a punch! Hike rugged sea cliffs at sunset and dance Ceili sets before relaxing in in a local Spa.

  • £1,249.00

    Develop your mobile photography skills while visiting and shooting some of the most instagramable hot spots Ireland has to offer. From the Giant’s Causeway to the Slieve League cliffs, create your own reflective diary to create positive feelings the scenery, culture and culinary delights have to offer. Rustic lighthouses, national parks, sea cliffs and castles, develop your photography skills and reward your tastebuds. We will help you visually reflect your experience to promote positive and personal reflection of natural beauty and cultural immersion..

  • £1,149.00

    Travel through the heart of Ireland and discover and lodge in castles once occupied by monks, kings, soldiers and generals. Hike holy mountains known for their Patrician Pilgrimages to Ireland’s Patron Saint Patrick or Saint James. Try Ireland’s traditional distilled beverage “Poitin”. If this is too potent for you simply sip a Guinness while sampling fresh fish sourced from local fishing villages or experience award-winning food tours in Dublin’s capital.

    This hiking tour gives you the opportunity to build your “Pilgrim Passport” All you need to do as take a selfie at particular locations along each way to produce evidence that you walked the route. Wild Atlantic Learning will supply each passport.

  • £1,149.00

    Experience the legend of Finn Mc Cool and witness Leprechauns and fairies at first light before sampling a foodie’s heaven with street food and local tipples of Cooley’s or Bushmill’s whiskey. This short Irish tour has everything and more. Tragic tales of love and death, to giants that hunted monsters, these myths will capture your heart and imagination! The scenery will take your breath away from the dramatic cliff faces of Slieve League to the raw beauty of the Wild Atlantic way, this short tour packs a punch!.

  • £1,099.00

    Jump off the cliffs in Portrush and hike the Giant’s Causeway before a visit to the Titanic Museum. Treat yourself to the culinary treats and the Irish isles has to offer before touring Dublin by Kayak. Ease those aches and clear your mind with restorative yoga. Travel through Dublin’s famous Phoenix Park and spot some Deers while admiring flora and fauna that will light up your eyes. All accompanied by Irish music and laughter.

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